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Catly sanitary wares Co.,Ltd originated from England' s sanitary wares specialist.

Catly sanitary wares Co.,Ltd is specializing in developing and manufacturing of sanitary facilities,who has applied to R&D of faucets from the beginning to cater for current homedesign. We use most advanced equipments and carry on technology reformactively to assure the specialty. Besides to make the top quality products capacity.Depending on the professional and smart products as well as the excellent

brand reputation, CATLY has been accepted and ratified rapidly by the retailer

customers and clients and its products have been sold to many countries in

Europe, North and South America, Asia including Hong Kong and Taiwan.


After running several years with heart, Catly has got a cheerful achievement. But we don' t satisfy with the current success. In order to meet more demands and

new requirements from the retailer customers, we have worked out a plan to

extend in multiformity and supply services in disparate fields. Not only offering

OEM orODM service, But also offering the products under clients brand and so

on. Catly invites all the craft brothers and other people concerned for idea

exchanging and business negotiation so as to increase the design level and

promote the internal industrial level. Since we merge the Taizhou Catly sanitary

wares, now our major product increase to be: TOP quality faucets, Normal quality

bathroom accessories